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Benton Farms 5.15.21

We made a last-minute decision to attend a small craft fair at a local farm in Boone County. I am not the "crafty" type by any means (yes, I LOVE knitting...but otherwise, no)...but it was a beautiful day and there were more than just craft vendors.

Salsa and free samples. Yes, please.

Musical entertainment by a local artist: Holly Spears

How cute is this place? (Just wait until we go back in the fall for the pumpkins...)

Funnel cakes--it took all my energy to just eat a few bites at approx. 1,200 calories.

Free wine tasting. Please and thank you.

Things I didn't know I needed in my life: cows and baby goats <3

(them, too...)

Best festival date in the world.

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